Dr. André P. Grace

Researcher/Professor, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Alberta

Location: Edmonton, AB
Website: https://www.andrepgrace.com/

Dr. André P. Grace is Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Sexual and Gender Minority Studies (Tier 1) in the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta. His research focuses on social recognition and accommodation of sexual and gender minority (SGM including queer, trans, and non-binary) youth and young adults, with emphases on their comprehensive health, educational, justice, and sociocultural concerns. Linking research to advocacy and service, he directs the Chew (community~health~empowerment~wellness) Project for vulnerable SGM youth and young adults in Edmonton.

For resources and more information regarding his educational research, policy work, and advocacy, visit his academic website at www.andrepgrace.com and his community website at https://chewprojectyeg.org


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