Max Cooke 2018

Max Cooke


Max has served in a leadership capacity with the CEA/EdCan Network since 2007, and is currently CEO. He manages a strategy to strengthen this pan-Canadian network’s visibility among broader public audiences so as to positively influence the education policy and practice narratives.


Mia San Jose

Mia San Jose

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for the day-to-day financial, operational, human resource and office administration. This includes providing overall financial oversight, monitoring and reporting, managing membership recruitment and retention and publication advertising, and managing event logistics while liaising with a network of suppliers to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness and facilitating data-driven decision-making in all aspects of the organization’s affairs.

André Rebeiz

André Rebeiz

Research Manager 

André makes research fun and exciting through creating knowledge and awareness-building tools including infographics, fact sheets, videos, podcasts, and marketing campaigns that advance evidence-informed and anecdotal good practices in Canadian K-12 public education. He collaborates with parents, educators, and researchers to breakdown complex information so that it can be easily understood and generate concrete impact. André and his team are currently mobilizing knowledge on workplace well-being in K-12 education as part of the EdCan Network’s ‘Well at Work’ initiative.

Sarah Ranby headshot

Sarah Ranby

Research Analyst

Sarah leads the planning, communications, coordination, and conducting of research and knowledge mobilization outputs. Her research interests broadly include social-emotional development of children,  program evaluation and, in particular, analyzing school-based supports that promote positive mental health in both children and educators.

Holly Bennett

Holly Bennett

English Editor of Education Canada Magazine

Holly Bennett became the English language editor of Education Canada in 2012. In addition to two decades of experience as a magazine editor and writer, she has a background in adult education (MEd, OISE/UT), with experience working with urban Indigenous organizations and in social research. Before coming to EdCan, Holly worked as Editor-in-Chief of Today’s Parent magazine’s Special Editions. She enjoys the opportunity to work with the many innovative, accomplished and enthusiastic educators who contribute to Education Canada magazine.