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Our network members believe that trusting and empowering educators leads to optimal learning conditions.

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More than ever, what's needed in the education landscape is an independent network that advances change for all the right reasons.

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Rethinking our education system to openly value and nurture creativity, risk-taking and courage.

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Empowering educators so that all students can thrive

Through EdCan’s strategic priorities, our bilingual network delivers an invaluable pan-Canadian perspective that connects, inspires and supports educators.

Members can strengthen their capacity to respond to opportunities and challenges in their roles and enhance staff wellbeing, which will heighten every student’s wellbeing and opportunities for meaningful learning to help them discover their purpose and path in life.

Be part of a supportive community and ​​access a wealth of knowledge on educational policy, research and practice, and strengthen your connections with educators, leaders, and researchers across Canada.

Benefits of EdCan membership include:

* Benefits extend to all school district staff and students, as well as all faculty of education staff, teacher candidates, and post-graduate students.

Capacity Building

  • Access to Workplace Wellbeing solutions for all school and district staff, including the Well at Work Advisors service which can be customized to meet the needs of your District.
  • Access to timely and relevant professional development opportunities for your staff including annual meetings, e-learning, interactive webinars, and face-to-face events.

Innovative Research & Knowledge Mobilization

  • Access to curated members-only online content, including unlimited access to timely and thought provoking articles as well as professional learning discussion guides on a variety of complex topics.
  • Access to the print copy of the award winning Education Canada Magazine.
  • Unlimited access to a variety of how-to knowledge tools including facts sheets, infographics, blogs, and podcasts.

Networking and Peer-to-peer Sharing

  • Amplify your school district’s, organization's, or faculty of education's thought leadership with the opportunity to submit articles on EdCan’s trustworthy and well-respected pan-Canadian platform.
  • Showcase your events, news, research and other announcements through EdCan’s Research Bulletin and member-only newsletter.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities virtually and in person through EdCan provincial and pan-Canadian events.
  • Opportunity to participate in EdCan working groups to advise and help advance EdCan's strategic priorities including workplace wellbeing, SDGs in education, and emerging issues.

Preferred Rates

  • Preferred rates to EdCan services and events.
  • Preferred rates to advertise on EdCan platforms, including on Education Canada Magazine, EdCan Wire, and the Research Bulletin.
  • Preferred rates for personal wellbeing partner programs, including BTS Spark personalized coaching, TeacherFit, and Happy Teacher Revolution.
  • Preferred rates and access to Corwin professional development books for pre-service teachers, veteran teachers, coaches, principals, and education leaders.

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