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Our network members comprise of school districts, organizations, and institutions across Canada, along with all of their staff, employees, and students.

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Mission & Values

Providing tools, expertise, and a supportive network for education professionals so they can do their best work.

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Join our Growing Pan-Canadian Network of Over 200,000 Wellbeing Champions!

EdCan supports its pan-Canadian membership network of busy education professionals with access to the tools, expertise, and peer support so they can do their best work.

Benefits of EdCan membership include:

Professional Growth

  • Comprehensive Professional Learning: Access to a wide range of professional learning resources, including workshops, webinars, and training sessions designed specifically to address the unique challenges and needs of K-12 educators.
  • Tailored Systemwide Workplace Wellbeing Support: including free resources (mini workshops and the Well at Work K-12 Leadership Course) and discounts for personalized Well at Work Advisors consultation services that cater to specific districtwide workplace needs, including expert advice on implementing wellbeing initiatives and fostering a healthy work environment.

Peer-to-Peer Learning and Networking Opportunities

  • Amplify Your Workplace Wellbeing Success Stories within EdCan’s K-12 Educational Community: Gain recognition for your exemplary workplace wellbeing projects and policymaking to accelerate progress on addressing emergent challenges such as retaining staff and ensuring healthy and safe and working and learning environments for all.
  • Join Well at Work’s Communities of Practice: A diverse community of educators, administrators, researchers and wellbeing professionals from across Canada facing similar challenges, facilitating networking, idea sharing, and collaboration for mutual growth and support.
  • Opportunities to Influence policy: Participation in forums, and policy discussions that aim to influence systemic changes and improvements in workplace wellbeing policies within the K-12 education sector.
  • Feedback and Input Opportunities: Platforms for our members to provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas, enabling them to actively contribute to the development and enhancement of EdCan/Well at Work’s programs and resources.

Research-Informed Content

EdCan shares the latest workplace wellbeing research to encourage reflection, discussions and problem-solving among education professionals integrating new knowledge into their practice, which includes:

  • Exclusive Member-only Access to Cutting-edge Resources: Including research-informed articles, discussion guides, case studies, and best practices curated by experts in education and wellbeing, aiding in implementing effective strategies in the school environment.
  • Continual Learning Opportunities: Regularly updated content and ongoing learning opportunities to stay on top of the latest trends, research findings, and evolving strategies in the realm of workplace wellbeing and education.

Preferred Rates

  • to access Well at Work Advisors consultation and professional learning services: EdCan Members can take advantage of discounts on Well at Work program registrations, events, or partner products/services that complement their goals of promoting wellbeing in the K-12 educational environment.
  • to advertise on EdCan online and e-distribution platforms, including on Education Canada and in the monthly Well at Work e-newsletter.
  • for personal wellbeing partner programs, including CompassioNorth and Happy Teacher Revolution.
  • to access Corwin professional development books for pre-service teachers, veteran teachers, coaches, principals, and education leaders.

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