Educational Equity in the COVID-19 Era

Our special Education Canada series features the latest insights from researchers and thought leaders to capture the rapidly evolving knowledge base about how we can deliver equitable high-quality education for all students through this pandemic and into the future. New articles every week.

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2020 - Educational Equity in the Covid-19 Era - (Vol. 60, No. 4)

Educational Equity in the Covid-19 Era

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Teen girl waves to her teacher on her laptop screen, who waves back.

Diversity, Equity, School Community

Opportunism or Opportunity?

Diversity, Equity, Teaching

Diversity via Distance

A man wearing headphones listens and takes notes while video chatting with a female coach.

Curriculum, Equity, Well-being

Class Matters

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Your role in promoting staff well-being in your school

Well at Work

Your role in promoting staff well-being in your school

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