About Us

EdCan Network



A Canadian K–12 education sector where everyone is respected, valued, and supported to be at their best.


Supporting education professionals, the people upon which education systems and learners depend.


Providing tools, expertise, and a supportive network for education professionals so they can do their best work.


By 2025, to foster healthier workplace environments that allow better outcomes for everyone in K–12 education.


Strategic Goal #1: Envision an inclusive system that supports workplace wellbeing. 

Strategic Goal #2: Build a national network of wellbeing champions.


What We Do:

The EdCan Network is the only impartial, bilingual organization that connects K-12 education professionals and researchers across Canada. We support the capacity-building of our 140,000+ members with:

  1. Research: We share emerging research and promising practices by Canadian Faculties of Education.
  2. Professional Development: We offer unique, accessible learning and skill development opportunities designed for educators by educators.
  3. Networking: We convene and connect education professionals for peer-to-peer sharing.

Key organizational principles at the EdCan Network:

  1. We are research-focused and -informed. Data guides our approach.
  2. We embody inclusion, equity, diversity, belonging, and wellbeing.
  3. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our members.
  4. We practice ongoing learning and continuous improvement.


To learn more, read the EdCan Network’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan.