About Us

EdCan Network

Our mission is to ensure that ALL students thrive in our schools.

The EdCan Network has maintained its 129-year tradition as the only national, nonpartisan, bilingual organization representing 140,000 educators across Canada. Our role as an intermediary connects K-12 education systems across the country by producing and disseminating authoritative and evidence-based, yet accessible content that is trusted by educators, parents, and policymakers alike. EdCan aims to improve education policies that heighten equity and support deeper learning (i.e. ​a combination of the fundamental knowledge and practical basic skills all students need to succeed) and expanding the reach of educational resources to bridge the research-implementation gap.


EdCan’s Intended Impact

By 2025, EdCan will have collaborated with all Ministries of Education and other education organizations to enhance educators’ capacity to explore and respond to public education’s emerging systemic opportunities and challenges.

  • School-based educators and pre-service teachers
    • Increased knowledge of – and flexibility to – implement designs for learning
    • Increased recognition and validation of promising practices
  • School Leaders
    • Increased capacity to lead relevant, timely, and action-oriented professional learning for school-based educators
    • Increased capacity to scale promising practices beyond a single learning environment
    • Increased recognition of – and confidence in – how best to apply evidence-based practices to optimize learning environments
  • School District Leaders
    • Increased capacity to apply evidence-based practices to lead a process of continuous improvement throughout an entire school district
    • Strengthened sense of shared vision and action towards key policy issues
  • All beneficiaries
    • Increased self-efficacy
    • Increased collaboration
    • Increased well-being

Ultimately, this work will heighten every student’s well-being and opportunities for meaningful learning to help them discover their purpose and path in life.


EdCan’s Theory of change

Through its research, knowledge mobilization, convening and professional learning activities, EdCan will: 

Increase workplace wellbeing for K-12 staff 

Supporting school districts and provinces to make teacher and staff well-being a top policy and investment priority.

Engage and Empower Students to Lead Societal Change 

Supporting students’ acquisition of Global/Cultural Competencies via the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, which will engage them in meaningful learning and discovering their crucial role in solving local, regional, national and global problems.

Equip K-12 staff by informing them on emerging issues and actionable strategies 

Identifying ways, through its three areas of action, to support educators and key collaborators by responding to emerging Issues, challenges and opportunities. 


Read the full version of EdCan’s Intended Impact and Theory of Change


The EdCan Network believes that:

  • all learners’ needs should take precedence over ideology and politics so that they discover their passions and interests in deeply engaging learning environments, ones that inspire them to become confident and competent learners for life;
  • all educators should be trusted as designers of learning and further empowered to innovate and bridge the gap between policy decisions and actual learning;
  • a more flexible public education system is required to support the rapidly changing and diverse needs of all learners.

Competing political narratives about the role of public education often takes the focus away from what’s best for students. More than ever, what’s needed in the education landscape is the EdCan Network – beholden to no special interest and uniquely positioned to advance change for all the right reasons by focusing on the quality of learning and learner engagement in schools, and addressing the increasing number of students and teachers who are tuning out of school.

We welcome your membership support – and the addition of your voice – for this important movement for educational change.