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Participants at the 2016 EdCan Network Regional Exchanges discussed more signals of change than we could possibly cover — but we wanted to share a sense of their range and significance. We invited a number of participants to write a short piece reflecting on one of the signals they brought to the Exchange.


Read the Francophone Regional Exchange Report

More Signals

Signs of the Times (to Come)

The Signal: Questioning pedagogy

The Signal: Mapping language acquisition

The Signal: Understanding neuroplasticity

The Signal: The average is nobody

The Signal: New media, new literacies

Web exclusive

The Signal: Increased focus on closing the gaps for students with learning disabilities

The Signal: A curriculum shift from content to connections

The Signal: The demand to build adaptive expertise

The Signal: Multi-Grading iGen-ers and Alpha Geners


Podcast: Stories of Getting There on the EdCan Network

Meet the Expert(s)

Stephen Hurley

Stephen Hurley

Education Consultant, Catalyst, voicED Radio

Stephen Hurley is a recently retired teacher from the Dufferin Peel District School Board in Ontario. Stephen continues to work to open up public spaces for vibrant conversations about transformation of education systems across Canada.

Stephen Hurley est un enseignant récemment retraité de la Dufferin Peel District School Board en Ontario. Stephen continue de travailler à ouvrir des espaces publics pour des conversations dynamiques sur la transformation des systèmes éducatifs partout au Canada.

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