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A guide on how urban high schools can raise Indigenous graduation rates

Reconciliation in Action: Creating a Learning Community for Indigenous Student Success

A case study report on how one B.C. high school is mobilizing a whole-community approach to raise Indigenous graduation rates

This case study report provides practical examples on how the Academy of Indigenous Studies has built lasting relationships with local First Nations communities demonstrating how existing provincial course offerings can be leveraged to create a for-credit learning track that allows Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to learn about Indigenous cultures throughout their entire high school journeys.

This B.C.-based learning community model in Kelowna demonstrates how non-Indigenous educators can envelop students in a network of Indigenous teachers, adult advocates and the wider community to curtail Indigenous student dropout rates while immersing non-Indigenous students in Traditional Knowledge.

Non-Indigenous educators in urban high schools can leverage this step-by-step report to create their own unique programs in consultation and collaboration with local Indigenous communities.

Practical how-to videos for teachers and principals

We’ve also put together a series of student and educator video testimonials demonstrating how “culture is medicine” that gives students a sense of pride and a will to succeed.

Tackling School Dropout, Pursuing Reconciliation: Why we should teach and celebrate Indigenous cultures and knowledge in schools

Reconciling Broken Promises: Advice on building partnerships with Indigenous communities

Culture Is Medicine: Confronting stereotypes on First Nations peoples


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André Rebeiz

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