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Youth Confidence in Learning and the Future: A Concept Paper

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The Canadian Education Association (CEA) is developing a research and mobilization project to examine young people’s confidence in their learning and how it influences their aspirations, expectations, and engagement with the world, in particular, their belief that they can act on the world to have a positive impact. The Youth Confidence in Learning and the Future (YCLF) initiative will address the gaps in our knowledge and help to kick-start conversations in communities across Canada about enhancing learning environments for young people. The project will profile youth’s perceptions and attitudes and identify implications for education and other areas of policy and practice.

Meet the Expert(s)

Christa Freiler

Christa Freiler is the former Director of Research and Strategic Initiatives for the Canadian Education Association. 

Christa Freiler est l’ancienne directrice de la recherche et des initiatives stratégiques de l’Association canadienned’éducation.

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