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Canadian Education Wire – Effects of Ministerial Belt Tightening Felt by Current and Would-be Teachers

A busy week of education media focusing on the fallout from Ministerial education budget cuts in several provinces, a case for year round schooling, and language learning in Nunavut.

Two-thirds of new teachers can’t find full time work – Macleans

Teaching grads face slim prospects in crowded job market – Vancouver Sun

Man considers abandoning dream of teaching – Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Hundreds of teachers lost to budget cuts – Edmonton Journal

Nunavut education department seeks $18M boost – Nunatsiaq News

Group says it might sue over education cuts – Fredericton Daily Gleaner

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Does year-round schooling make the grade? – Globe and Mail 

Give students shorter summer holidays – Globe and Mail editorial

Ottawa to support Inuit-English schooling – Canadian Press

Iqaluit’s French-language school spreads its wings – Nunatsiaq News

Many teens tap web for sex education: study – Canadian Press

Choice of school sets stage for kids – Saskatoon Star Phoenix
Full-day, all-day kindergarten a growing consideration for parents of young children

New agreement reached for special needs students – Montreal Gazette

Slave Lake grads scattered in aftermath of fire – Edmonton Journal

Grade 10 literacy scores at lowest in four years – Ottawa Citizen

Why teaching your kids to write (not just type) is important – Globe and Mail

EQ over IQ: How play-based learning can lead to more successful kids – Globe and Mail

Betrayed? Halton parents fume over high school proposal – Toronto Star 


For you or for me? – The Principal of Change (George Couros)
But if both models work (Google and Microsoft – sic), why would we change our schools from the traditional model (Microsoft) to the more comfortable, yet still innovative (Google) model?  There is often this feeling that “work” has become a dirty word to many of our students, but it also seems that to many work is not something that makes you happy.  Why can’t you have both?  Why can’t we do amazing and innovative things, that are hard work, and enjoy it?  Sounds like flow to me.  When people are engaged and enjoy what they are doing, doesn’t the work and their own sense of value and purpose increase?  This doesn’t only make what we do better, but it makes why we do it more important.

The Power of “THE NETWORK” – Culture of Yes (Chris Kennedy)
We spend a lot of time talking about how our network influences our professional lives and how technology often assists in that networking. But, when B.C. educators talk about “THE NETWORK” it means something quite different.

For more than a decade, the Network of Performance Based Schools – school-based teams with an administrator and teachers – have focussed on B.C. Performance Standards with some of the deepest, most powerful professional learning in our province.

Instrumental to this professional learning, Judy Halbert and Linda  Kaser have brought a network of teachers and administrators together in ongoing conversations about improving education opportunities for all students.

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