Summer Self-Care Series 2022

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Far too many K-12 staff have experienced compassion fatigue and burnout due to the constant support that they have provided to their students, their colleagues and their family members who have struggled with increased stress, which has compromised their mental health and wellbeing. After navigating another grueling pandemic year, summer is finally approaching and in this special Education Canada online Summer Self-Care Series edition, we curated a collection of magazine articles, blog posts and podcasts that can help you recharge for the fall.

Several K-12 staff wellbeing experts featured in this series will be delivering professional learning sessions at EdCan’s upcoming Pan-Canadian Summit on K-12 Workplace Wellbeing (Nov 7-9 in Edmonton, AB), which is an exclusive professional learning experience for district teams of staff wellbeing champions seeking concrete ways to embed and sustain a happier and healthier workplace culture. To learn more about the Summit, visit