The Impact of COVID-19 on Education

Volume 63 | Issue 2


3 Years Later: The Impact of COVID-19 on Education in Canada

The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education sector have been severe. Internationally, more than 1.6 billion children and youth in 188 countries, or 91.3% of the world’s school-aged population, have experienced school closures. This is unprecedented in the history of education, and many teachers, parents and school systems were left without the planning or technology to successfully meet this challenge. In response, UNESCO launched the Global Education Coalition to help countries reach vulnerable children and youth. The Coalition also monitors school closures, develops recommendations and distance learning solutions and offers other forms of support.

In Canada, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO) launched an Expert Working Group to explore the various impacts of the pandemic by province and territory. This special edition explores what we have learned so far, 3 years after a pandemic was declared.

This edition is in partnership with CCUNESCO


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