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Putting a Sustained Focus on Equity in Education

CEA’s Focus on Equity Campaign will share diverse perspectives to advance our thinking on the challenge of ensuring that all learners have equitable opportunities

The recognition is growing in both Canada and the U.S. that educational equity is critical to our collective future. Although Canadian education systems perform much better in terms of both equity and quality, gaps in student achievement and educational opportunity remain. 

What is the biggest challenge in ensuring more equitable outcomes among students? What is the most important or promising thing that schools can do to advance equity? What is the most important or promising school board or government policy to advance equity? 

We have an impressive list of policy experts, researchers, educators, parents, and students to share their informed perspectives to help answer these questions. Our blog will showcase a two-week focus on equity in education from November 21st to December 2nd featuring guest bloggers who are from the inclusive education, First Nations, LGTBT, racialized minority, and parent engagement communities, as well as researchers specializing in urban schools and marginalized students – all  sharing their ideas on how we can ensure that all learners have equitable opportunities.

This initiative is a follow up to a 2010 international symposium on equity and innovation co-hosted by CEA and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy (SCOPE). A newly released special equity themed issue of Education Canada builds on the provocative presentations and discussions that took place at that event, with a particular focus on how to achieve greater equity by moving local innovations to effective practices across the education system.

So please visit our blog often for the next two weeks. We hope that you will enjoy reading the Education Canada articles, the daily dose of equity information resources on our Twitter feed, and the blog commentary and encourage you to get involved and contribute your thoughts and opinions to this important information campaign. 

Meet the Expert(s)

Max Cooke


Max Cooke is the CEO of the EdCan Network.

Max Cooke est le directeur général du Réseau ÉdCan.

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