EdCan Network Status Update: Streamlining Our Operations While Maintaining Member Value

(Nov 1, 2023-March 31, 2024)

Fortunately, EdCan has secured the financial resources required from its provincial/territorial Ministry of Education partners, its members and other generous funders to support our transition to a leaner organizational structure as we implement our new strategic plan to foster healthier workplace environments that allow better outcomes for everyone in K-12 education.

We are currently mobilizing a Change Management Plan (November 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024) to strengthen organizational stability.

Since 2020, EdCan’s Well at Work K-12 Workplace Wellbeing Consultation and Professional Learning Services achieved significant earned income during its proof-of-concept phase, with potential to grow. This encouraging aspect of EdCan’s operations influenced the decision to pivot its organizational focus on seizing this growth opportunity while streamlining EdCan’s traditional activities, reducing overhead and improving operational efficiencies to reduce financial risk to rebuild the organization. This Change Management Plan concretizes the Well at Work pivot with the goal of achieving long-term organizational sustainability.

Summary of EdCan’s Change Management Plan:

EdCan has transitioned to a leaner organizational structure through staffing reductions and reimagining Education Canada’s magazine format and editorial focus to safeguard core financial stability, which began on November 1, 2023, and will maintain:

  • The coordination and delivery of Well at Work professional services for existing and new school district clients by the Program Director and team of expert Advisors and remaining core EdCan staff and consultants providing backbone administrative and marketing support.
  • EdCan’s membership structure (a pan-Canadian network of K-12 wellbeing champions).
  • Continued production of EdCan/Education Canada trusted knowledge mobilization tools (e.g.: articles, fact sheets, discussion guides, research reports, monthly e-newsletter), which will focus on highlighting the latest staff wellbeing-related research and stories of success.
  • EdCan charitable status for ongoing revenue development strategies.
  • Current EdCan network of Board and Advisory Council of K-12 leaders with a plan to recruit additional staff wellbeing champions from the K-12 and corporate sectors.

To ensure that the value we provide is relevant to our members, EdCan staff are currently:

  • Conducting Member/Stakeholder consultations to:
    • sharpen our understanding of the value of Well at Work programs and services to open doors for partnerships and additional clients.
    • learn more about the latest staff wellbeing trends/successes/challenges/data, which will inform our editorial plan and 2024-2025 operational plan.
    • produce a follow up report to members based on consultations for how EdCan will provide value with Well at Work moving forward (programs, services, professional learning, knowledge mobilization content, etc.)
  • Organizing informal quarterly Advisory Council Consultation Meetings to engage our leadership network as a critical sounding board to help us identify new opportunities for longer-term financial stability.
  • Assembling a Pan-Canadian K-12 Workplace Wellbeing Research Circle to build stronger connections amongst researchers and between researchers and practitioners to help EdCan identify knowledge mobilization opportunities.
  • Revamping the composition of the Education Canada Editorial Board with workplace wellbeing experts (researchers/Well at Work Advisors/workplace wellbeing practitioners/champions) to guide ongoing research-informed content development.
  • Continuing to offer member discounts for Well at Work workplace wellbeing-related consulting and professional learning.
  • Closely monitoring expenses and identifying new funding opportunities to maintain short-term financial stability while developing a 2024-2025 Business Plan that contributes to longer-term organizational sustainability.
  • Providing monthly EdCan status updates and additional touch points with our members about our ongoing Well at Work pivot/strategic plan implementation to continually engage our members and other stakeholders.

Please contact us if you have suggestions for potential partnerships that EdCan could pursue to generate revenue, grow our network, and strengthen our brand/reputation in the K-12 workplace wellbeing sphere.

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