The EdCan Network’s Continued Operations

EdCan is pleased to announce that we have secured the funding necessary to maintain operations. EdCan’s Board of Directors is grateful to its Ministry of Education partners for the renewal of annual funding, for the emergency donations from our corporate foundation partners, and for the influx of new and renewed membership investments from our growing network of school district, organizational, and individual members. Collectively, these contributions have provided EdCan with the opportunity to restructure and continue to explore possibilities for long-term stability.

EdCan’s new strategic direction is reflective of what we’re calling our “Well at Work pivot.” EdCan Vice-Chair Julie Wright wrote the compelling article, The Burnout is Real: why we can’t afford to ignore teacher wellbeing, which supports our Well at Work pivot. It’s the best post-pandemic contribution our organization can make for our members and the broader K-12 education community due to the unprecedented wellbeing-related challenges that continue to be experienced in school districts across the country.

EdCan will activate a Change Management Plan in November to begin the operational restructuring required to guarantee the continued delivery of EdCan’s Well at Work Advisors and Professional Learning support services. This plan will also detail how we will maintain membership value for our members and funders.

More to come. Thank you!

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