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Cdn EdWire – The Impact of Funding Shortfalls Felt in Saskatchewan Schools

Education media details the fallout from a national belt-tightening trend as school boards struggle to balance the books


CC photo by: Images_of_Money

Full-day kindergarten not on provincial agenda – Saskatoon Star-Phoenix


CC photo by: Images_of_Money

Full-day kindergarten not on provincial agenda – Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

City Public Schools eliminate full-day K– Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Regina Public Schools dealing with a funding shortfall – Regina Leader Post 

Demand for pre-k outstrips program – Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Cuts needed to meet budget – Regina Leader Post

Toronto schools pay high prices for small jobs – Toronto Star

Toronto and Peel school boards prepare for biggest cuts since Harris years – Toronto Star

Nova Scotia’s education minister defends cuts – Canadian Press


School funding poorly planned – Saskatoon Star-Phoenix Editorial

Education cuts have big consequences – Saskatoon Star-Phoenix Editorial 


Halifax board task force to look at hiring of minority teachers – Halifax Chronicle Herald

Teachers planning protests today to mark one year without contract – Vancouver Sun

Africentric high school on the way – Toronto Star

Wanna go to the prom? Take this breathalyzer test first – Toronto Star

THE CREATIVITY GAP – How schools are fostering creativity by handing control to students – Globe and Mail

Struggling students buying passing grades, Vancouver principal warns – Vancouver Sun
International students ‘pay significant dollars to “buy” English 10, 11 and 12 credits’

West Vancouver adopts anti-homophobia policy – North Shore News

Middle schools too disruptive for weak students, studies show – Toronto Star


Finland Face to Face – Culture of Yes
It has also been widely discussed that Finland obtains the “best of the best” teachers.  Many will apply for teaching and then, if unsuccessful, look to other areas like medicine and engineering — this is somewhat the reverse of what happens in North America.  It is clearly not the pay that is different.  Toom describes teacher compensation as similar, if not less, to what it is in BC.  She argued that the workload, shorter hours and longer vacations are part of the attraction, but these are similar to most jurisdictions around the world.  Much of the discussion comes back to the place of teaching in society — as a profession held in extremely high regard…Read more

Learning Like We Do In The World Beyond School – Etc., Education, Technology and Culture
There is a re-awakening taking place – especially in North America – on the benefits of Project Based Learning. And schools, like Big Picture and High Tech High remind us of the power that PBL has in persuading students to tackle the hard stuff: the maths and science that we struggle to comprehend when removed from daily life, but which become relevant, once connected to what we really care about. …Read more

Starting the Conversation on Rethinking Awards Ceremonies – The Wejr Board
The more I discuss and read about human motivation, the more questions I seem to have.  I wonder if we all provided ongoing feedback that personally honoured and challenged our students and we continually worked to form trusting,caring relationships with kids… would we need public recognition at all? …Read more


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