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Well at Work Professional Development Discussion Kit for K-12 Staff

Group discussion and self-reflection guides for creating a healthy workplace in K-12 education (EdCan Member Exclusive Benefit for Organizations!)

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Education Canada Discussion Kits are an EdCan Member Exclusive Benefit for Organizations (School Districts, Faculties of Education, Corporations, Non-Profits), transforming evidence-based literature from our critically-acclaimed Education Canada magazine into practical group discussion and self-reflection guides that can be used by K-12 staff to question, strengthen, and improve their professional practice across a variety of current and emerging trends in education. 

Whether you’re an educational assistant, teacher, school leader, or superintendent, we encourage you to invest in your continuous learning and that of your team through these easy-to-use and affordable professional development resources that encourage critical thinking and actionable strategies for unique school contexts. 

About the Well at Work Discussion Kit

This special Well at Work Discussion Kit complements our Winter 2019 edition of Education Canada magazine – available both in-print and online – and puts the spotlight on how we can (and why we must) strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of K-12 staff, in turn enabling them to achieve healthier schools and better learning experiences for students. 

This discussion kit contains a total of eight group discussion and self-reflection guides – four in English and four in French – covering topics ranging from creating organizational cultures that foster workplace well-being; the well-being of education leaders and front-line staff; and identifying and challenging the mindsets, assumptions and public perceptions towards the well-being of K-12 educators that hinder change. 


Each group discussion or self-reflection guide contains three key components: 

  1. A Cheat Sheet providing a brief summary of the literature, which is intended to facilitate and support the uptake of group discussion within your school community. 
  2. A Reflect section with 2-4 thought provoking questions prompting participants to self-reflect in conjunction with their own thoughts and opinions in response to the article.
  3. A Do It section that provides participants with the opportunity to engage with the content in a more interactive way. By completing this interactive activity, participants are encouraged to think about how they can apply their newfound learnings to their professional practice. 

Education Canada Discussion Kits have two-fold usage:

  • Group discussions: School leaders can use discussion kits for staff Professional Development (PD) by facilitating discussion during a staff meeting or other designated PD time. Principals can lead sessions by selecting a group discussion guide according to their preference, introducing the theme of the guide, providing a summary of the literature, and finally proceeding to facilitate and participate in discussion by asking the suggested questions and interactive activity provided. Discussion kits can also be used during more informal group discussions (i.e. among colleagues) without the presence of an administrator to facilitate. 
  • Self-reflections: Discussion kits can also be used alone by individual K-12 staff members who are looking to improve their professional practice on their own time. Additionally, newfound knowledge can help individual staff members to later spark and inform conversations with their colleagues.



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