Kate Tilleczek

Dr. Kate Tilleczek

Professor & Canada Research Chair (Tier I) Young Lives, Education & Global Good, York University ~ Toronto Scientific Director, Young Lives Research Laboratory (CANADA) Co-Director~ Wekimün School Project (CHILE)

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Website: http://katetilleczek.ca/

Kate Tilleczek is the Canada Research Chair in Young Lives in Global/Local Contexts and the Director of the Young Lives Research Lab at York University.

Dr. Kate Tilleczek has been teaching and studying the sociology of children and youth for two decades. She is currently a Professor of Education and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Young Lives in Global & Local Contexts. She is the founder and Scientific Director of Young Lives Research Laboratory in Canada.

Kate continues to examine how modern societies marginalize and treat their youth, while witnessing and speaking about young lives in global and local contexts. She is a passionate ally and accomplice to research and educational practice with, for and by  Indigenous youth and communities and to Truth and Reconciliation in Canada and beyond.  She currently serves on Nelson Canada’s Indigenous Advisory Circle for Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian education.