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Cdn EdWire – It’s all about the B.C. Teachers

No end in sight for the ongoing tensions between the Ministry of Education and the B.C. Teachers’ Union. Elsewhere, test score rankings and real estate companies make for a cozy relationship.

B.C. teachers’ contract bill set to become law – CBC

Opinion: B.C. Liberals want nothing less than a makeover of the education system – Vancouver Sun

B.C. teachers begin pulling out of extracurricular activities – Globe and Mail
 School Dispute: Just the Facts, Please – The Tyee
Ministry of Education and teachers’ union debate whose facts are more factual.

B.C. teachers to strike Monday to protest ‘arrogance’ and ‘cynicism’ of government – Vancouver Province

Special-needs, low-income kids hardest hit: advocate – Vancouver Sun
Parents may have to take time off work, often without pay

Crosscheck: How B.C. teachers rank in Canada – Globe and Mail


Want to buy into a ‘top’ school? Real estate company ranks areas by test scores – Toronto Star

Across Canada, cash-strapped governments target education – Globe and Mail

‘Weekend Warriors’ battle for higher EQAO test scores – Toronto Star

Peterborough doctors, psychologists say closing high school will affect student health, and mental health – Toronto Star

Gay parents take issue with how Catholic schools handle homophobia – Toronto Star

Home-schoolers force amendment to Bill 2 – Calgary Herald

Teach all kids about residential schools: report – Vancouver Province
Ignorance of harrowing history hampers solutions to First Nations’ current problems, says TRC

Parents fight for Arabic program – Calgary Herald
Board says no teachers available

Coalition vows to ‘continue the fight’ – Montreal Gazette
More pressure on province’s politicians and school boards needed, group says

Mandatory religion course doesn’t infringe on freedoms, top court rules – Globe and Mail


Telling students it’s okay to fail helps them succeed — study – Washington Post


Emotional Labour – at the Heart of Teaching – Shannon in Ottawa
This labour of digging deep with students holds in it the most robust potential for realizing true change in education.  Engaging with individual students and relentlessly seeking the learning opportunities and connections that will bring their passions, curiosity and motivation to the surface creates learning spaces where tomorrow’s leaders are born….Read More

Every Education System Gets the Union It Deserves! – Teaching Out Loud
At the recent Ontario Education Research Symposium, OECD’s education front man, Andreas Schleicher surprised the audience by his response to Michael Fullan’s question about union efficacy around the world: ”In one way, I think that  every education system gets union they deserve.”

Schleicher went on to suggest, ”If you have an  education system…twentieth century…an industrial environment… where basically you have a big production factory, you tell teachers what to do, you put them into the classroom, you tell to them to work in a standardized way, then what you’re going to get is an industrial union that is very good at defending the rights of those kind of people.”...Read more



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