URGENT Message To Our Valued EdCan Network Members, Partners and Supporters

The EdCan Network (Canadian Education Association) is facing the very real possibility of closing due to a lack of available cash flow. Several factors (many beyond our control) have contributed to this sudden and urgent situation. The EdCan Board of Directors will meet on July 11, 2023 to discuss the very difficult decision of having to permanently collapse this 132-year national organization.   

For 132 years, EdCan has been a “go-to” resource to equip education professionals with research- and practice-informed tools and supports to respond to current and emerging trends in education. Education Canada Magazine, podcasts, fact sheets, professional learning discussion guides and webinars provide access to reliable, relevant and concise tools to guide practice and advance professional learning. We need your help to maintain the continued production of this high-quality trusted content.  

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis Among Education Professionals Across Canada: Re-imagining Workplace Wellbeing with Well at Work 

Despite the diversity of emerging challenges in K-12 education, supporting staff wellbeing is a growing priority in every jurisdiction throughout Canada. EdCan’s top strategic focus is to build the capacity of the sector by strengthening staff wellbeing.   

Well at Work supports education leaders to develop and implement long-term system-wide strategies while mobilizing a network of passionate educators, researchers, practitioners, rightsholders and stakeholder groups.  

Canadian education systems face instability and are experiencing serious staffing shortages resulting from rising mental health challenges and trauma in this pandemic/post-pandemic context. The goal of Well at Work is to shift this downward turn to fundamentally improve the mental health and wellbeing of education staff across Canada. By centering marginalized voices and working collaboratively to understand the wellbeing needs of equity-deserving (including Indigenous) populations in education, EdCan’s goal is to meaningfully improve outcomes for educators, who in turn support our children. 

As a call to action, please consider supporting EdCan through this challenging moment in its long history with one or more of the following actions:  
  1. Please join the EdCan Network as a School District, Not-For-Profit or Organizational Member.  
  2. If you already have an EdCan School District, Not-For-Profit or Organizational Membership, could you please pay your 2023-2024 renewal fee now? 
  3. If you hold a senior leadership position in a school district or have responsibilities for HR and/or wellness, please consider acquiring Well at Work Advisory and Professional Learning Services to support your staff during the 2023-2024 academic year.  
  4. If you have additional ideas and introductions that you could make that could open doors to opportunities for EdCan and Well at Work partnerships, fund development and government relations activities, please contact EdCan CEO Max Cooke at mcooke@edcan.ca immediately for follow-up.  
  5. Please distribute this message to your networks to garner additional EdCan School District, Not-For-Profit or Organizational Memberships. 

Collectively, we can overcome these short-term challenges and maintain high quality content, programs and services for future generations of education professionals.

EdCan Network School District Membership Rates 

Districts with more than 5,000 students, please contact membership@edcan.ca or (866) 803-9549 ext. 223 

Districts under 5,000 students pay $800
– Districts with 5,000-15,000 students pay 12.5¢ per student + base $750 fee.
– Districts with 15,001-40,000 students pay 11¢ per student + base $750 fee.
– Districts with 40,001-80,000 students pay 9.75¢ per student + base 750 fee.
– Districts with more than 80,000 students pay 8¢ per student + base $750 fee.


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