Brooke Moore

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Brooke Moore works alongside schools as the Delta School District’s District Principal of Inquiry and Innovation in BC.


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Accepting (beautiful) Complexity

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School is a Risky Place

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I Got Schooled

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Is Empowerment a Dirty Word?

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A Shared History, Present and Future

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Building relationships between Canadian and International Students

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Honouring Student Voice and Experience

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Physical reactions to “no marks” announcement

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Embedded Inquiry

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Aboriginal Education

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What Students Say About Inquiry

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Learning through Inquiry

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Lunch and Learn

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What is the question?

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Visiting a life-skills classroom

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Shift This

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Threatening the Status Quo

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An assessment shift in practice

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Poisonous Praise

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Poisonous Praise

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Assessment As Learning: It’s time. Seriously.

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Honesty in the classroom