Calling All School District Administrators: Cartoon Caption Contest!

A cartoon of a woman at a desk, participating in a video-conference meeting. Next to her screen are piles of paper, labelled “Min of Ed,” “Protocols,” “Media,” “Unions,” and “Trustees.” She and her desk are on an island surrounded by alligators. Above her head is an empty thought bubble. Beneath the cartoon are the words “Your caption here.”

Example: “Another day in paradise”


How’s your day going? Suggest a witty caption in the form below for your chance to win a 1-year EdCan School District Membership* and begin accessing our numerous benefits, including discounted rates on the wellbeing programs below for your entire staff! Submit your caption by the extended deadline of April 9th, 2021.


Well at Work by EdCan

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Terms and Conditions

*School district representatives who submit a caption will be placed in the running for a complimentary 1-year membership. (Not applicable to existing EdCan SD Members) This includes a maximum of 20 Education Canada Magazine print subscriptions as part of their membership.

By submitting a caption, you give permission to the EdCan Network to display this publicly on its social media channels, its website and the Education Canada Magazine.

The winning submission will be chosen at the discretion of the EdCan Network.