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Well at Work aims to shift mindsets by showcasing research, policy and practice that results in healthier, happier, and more resilient Kindergarten-to-Grade 12 staff.

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What is a healthy workplace in K-12 education?

What is a healthy workplace in K-12 education?

Discover the key ingredients to develop a thriving workplace.

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Why does a healthy workplace in K-12 education matter?

Find out how investing in a socially and mentally healthy workplace leads to happier, healthier students.

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Strategies about well-being

Strategies and tips for healthy workplaces in K-12 education

Practical ways for you to start leading a healthy work environment.

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Get inspired

Get inspired

Get inspired by the school districts and individuals whose efforts are leading examples of how K-12 staff well-being is being prioritized and embedded into daily work practices.

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Videos about Well-being

How-to videos

Explore what’s trending in Canadian workplace wellness through our video series featuring expert opinions and analysis.

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podcasts about well at work


Explore what’s trending in Canadian workplace well-being through our podcast series featuring expert opinion and analysis.

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Stats and References

Find resources

Browse our growing catalogue of in-depth K-12 workplace well-being information resources.

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Articles about well-being

Articles about Healthy Workplaces in K-12 Education

Magazine articles, research briefs, reports, blogs, and more!

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