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Happy Teacher Revolution Partnership Program

Happy Teacher Revolution has officially launched in Canada!

EdCan and Happy Teacher Revolution are excited to offer EdCan members exclusive access to Happy Teacher Revolution’s online training and certification program to initiate and lead their own teacher support group within their school community.

All EdCan Membership categories – Individual, School District Members, Not-for-Profit, Faculty of Education, and Corporate – receive an exclusive 20% discount.

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What is Happy Teacher Revolution?

Happy Teacher Revolution is a Baltimore-born, international movement with the mission to support the mental health and wellness of teachers. Happy Teacher Revolutions trains ‘Revolutionaries’ around the world to initiate Happy Teacher Revolution support group meetings in their own communities.  The Happy Teacher Revolution is a network of teachers – a network that serves as a support system for teachers who are struggling with the shame, blame, guilt and difficulties of balancing an incredibly demanding profession with their own sense of self and happiness. Often, teachers are asked to give so much in terms of time, money, and emotional capacity. Happy Teacher Revolution  strives to empower teachers to push back on these expectations in hopes of them striking a balance between excellent teaching and personal sustainability.

Happy Teacher Revolution’s vision is for teachers to feel empowered to claim happiness as their own. Teachers shouldn’t feel obligated to sacrifice their wholeness or wellbeing in order to perform well professionally.

Happy Teacher Revolution trains Revolutionaries through online professional development programming

Happy Teacher Revolution’s online training offers the most affordable option for individuals to become certified as official ‘Happy Teacher Revolutionaries’ and thus be able to offer Happy Teacher Revolution meetings in their own community. This is an asynchronous online course that you can take on your own schedule, which includes a one-on-one capacity-building call with a Happy Teacher Revolution trainer to help you implement your own teacher support group.

Never before have teachers been able to come out of isolation to join fellow educators from diverse backgrounds in a social support group centered on the following mission: to support teacher mental health and wellness. Through the power of community, educators have the space to empathize with one another and participate in a social support network proven to alleviate the stress associated with teaching.

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Happy Teacher Revolution

Danna Thomas is a former Baltimore City Public School teacher turned founder of a global initiative to support the mental health and wellness of educators. Her organization, Happy Teacher Revolution, is on a mission to increase teacher happiness, retention, and professional sustainability by providing educators with the time and space to heal, deal, and be real about the social-emotional demands they face on the job.

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