Live Well #teamNWSD

Northwest School Division’s Staff Wellness Campaign

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Message from Northwest School Division’s Director of Education

Educating children is a great responsibility. While ensuring the well-being of every student, we must look after ourselves and each other. 

Live Well promotes the importance of the Northwest School Division perspective of staff well-being, by providing an opportunity for people to work together, try something new, and create a plan.

The mission of Live Well is to help all staff on their personal journey to a healthy future.

Duane Hauk
Director of Education
Northwest School Division

What is Live Well?

Live Well is a staff wellness campaign launched in 2019 by Northwest School Division in Saskatchewan to encourage all staff to make well-being a top priority both at work and at home. 

The campaign provides staff with wellness-related activities and challenges to complete throughout the school year, with a different theme each month focusing on physical activity, nutrition, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, stress management, and more. While acknowledging that “living well” can be a personal journey that means something different to each person, participation in the campaign is centered around the Live Well Wellness Journal, where staff can outline their wellness goals, follow new challenges each month, and document their progress. 

Staff are encouraged to share their journeys throughout the school year on social media and by undertaking wellness challenges as a team. This ultimately promotes a sense of community where staff encourage each other to meet their goals and look after the well-being of both themselves and their colleagues



As the Live Well campaign grows, updates will be added to the Live Well webpage: