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Video: Unlearning Colonialism in Education

A Discussion between Dr. Dwayne Donald and Education Professionals

How can we “unlearn” colonialism and bring kinship relations into the school and classroom experience?

This knowledge exchange between researcher, Dr. Dwayne Donald, and a group of education professionals, expands on the ideas in Dr. Donald’s Education Canada article and shares the perspectives and challenges of educators as they think about decolonizing their own schools and classrooms.

The purpose of this video is to be used as a springboard into your staff discussion, with the support of EdCan’s member-exclusive Discussion Guide: Unlearning Colonialism in Education.


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  1. Dr. Dwayne Donald’s Education Canada article, A Curriculum for Educating Differently
  2. Podcast interview with Dr. Donald by Stephen Hurley from voicEd Radio
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