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Leading the Way We Aspire to Lead

You didn’t become a school leader to write endless reports, balance tight budgets, and interpret ever-changing policy directives.

A New PD Program for Principals From CEA

Leading the We Way We Aspire to Lead is a three-hour peer-to-peer appreciative inquiry session that asks principals to reflect on how they can invigorate their role as pedagogical leaders. In the process, principals will realize that the expertise truly lies in their hands to influence positive change within their school cultures.

The research is clear: effective PD comes from individuals who are perceived as credible and trustworthy. CEA’s approach seeks to enable this ‘internal’ expertise to be maximized and replicated systemically. Learning lessons from the implementation of the What did you do in school today? PD, the goal is to offer this PD to principals in those school districts that have a genuine interest in moving towards intellectually engaging classrooms.

To learn more about how your school district can take advantage of the Leading the Way We Aspire to Lead PD program, please contact CEA President & CEO Ron Canuel at: rcanuel@cea-ace.ca or 416-591-6300 ext. 227

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