The Pat Clifford Award Application Form

Please use this form to submit your application for The Pat Clifford 2021 Award for Recognizing Canada’s Emerging Education Researchers.

The application deadline is  June 6, 2021 at 5:00 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). 


Applicants can either nominate themselves or be nominated by another person.

Please complete all fields below and ensure to include with your application all of the following materials.

The application must contain all of the following attachments:

  • Curriculum vitae (maximum of 4 pages).
  • A plain-language description on how the applicant’s work concretely impacts student engagement and teacher practice (maximum of 250 words).
  • An assessment by the nominator or applicant of the promising contribution to educational research in Canada and its impact on the pan-Canadian scene (maximum of 250 words).
  • If nominated: One (1) additional reference letter (maximum of 250 words).
  • If self-nominated: Two (2) letters of reference (maximum of 250 words PER LETTER).
  • Copy of two (2) abstracts and/or executive summaries of your research project reports or papers.
  • Optional: summaries of articles pending confirmation of publication and/or the applicant’s intention for future submissions within his/her area of interest.


Important Notice: The total size of all attachments cannot exceed ten (10) megabytes of information. All applications that do not meet these strict specifications will be discarded.

(Application submissions must not exceed specified word count maximums, excluding the CV. The Nominations Committee will not receive or review submission material above the specified word count.)


For all questions regarding this award, please contact us at

The EdCan Network will send you a confirmation email upon receipt of the application.