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Get inspired by the school districts and individuals whose efforts are leading examples of how K-12 staff well-being is being prioritized and embedded into daily work practices.

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Live Well #teamNWSD

Northwest School Division’s Staff Wellness Campaign

Live Well is a staff wellness campaign launched in 2019 by Northwest School Division in Saskatchewan to encourage all staff to make well-being a top priority both at work and at home. 

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Dash-BC get together

Your Role in Promoting Staff Well-being in Your School 

Reflecting on lessons learned from three B.C. school districts

By: DASH, Charlie Naylor

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British Columbia has multiple government, union, and employer well-being/mental health initiatives, and what I will share is a very small piece of that overall picture. What follows are some initial learnings from three B.C. school districts where I have worked as a Coach with district well-being teams. These teams, consisting of one senior administrator, one district-wide staff person, and one health authority representative, are part of an initiative to support B.C. school districts in their approach to promoting mental well-being for students and staff.

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N.W.T. instructional practices

Strengthening Teacher Instructional Practices in the N.W.T.

Can redirecting instructional time improve wellness and outcomes?

By: Curtis BrownSarah Pruys

Starting in the 2017-18 school year, as a result of negotiations between the N.W.T. Teachers’ Association (NWTTA) and the Government of the N.W.T., schools were permitted to submit proposals to redirect up to 100 hours of instructional time divided evenly between teacher professional duties and collaborative professional learning.

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learning together

Learning Together

One school’s success with teacher learning cohorts.

By: Sonya Burden and David Gill 

For most of its history, Amalgamated Academy has relied on isolated professional learning sessions that had no sustained connection through the school year. Over the last three years, however, we have developed a professional learning community based on small staff cohorts with common interests. With concerted effort and the support of our administration, our cohort initiative has been the catalyst for significant cultural change regarding technology integration and inclusionary practice.

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Burgers and Beer

An informal group supports male teachers.

By: Gary Jones

There are about ten of us, and we range from first-year teachers to retired principals. The conversation is boisterous and there is much laughter. We call ourselves “The Men’s Group,” and we’re an informal collection of men who teach.

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