A Different Kind of CHAT Room

Bien-être anglais

conférencières : Brianne Link, Anne Kromm
quand : Jour 1 – session 1


The Cochrane Healing Art Time Program – designed to support student mental health.

The educational benefits of using the healing arts for learning empowers students to develop self-esteem, confidence, advocacy, resiliency, efficacy, peer relationships and mental wellness. Developing these skills within the CHAT Room’s safe and caring environment allows students to improve their coping skills, enabling them to deal with personal issues and academic stressors more effectively.

By sharing real life stories that evoke emotion and inspiration, participants will understand the value in supporting students mental health and wellness through the healing arts and how they can take these ideas and tailor them to their own school culture.

“Anyone who works in education knows the importance of supporting our students’ mental health and wellness within our schools, which allows us to build understanding and acceptance as educators. The CHAT program provides access to students who need a different kind of path to attain success in both school and life. Truly understanding our students allows us to support them on a whole new level.” – Brianne Link