Seeking Participants for a Recording of the Professional Learning Discussion “A Curriculum for Educating Differently” 

As part of our ongoing multimedia focus for Education Canada, we’re piloting a new professional learning resource of the Fall 2022 edition, A Curriculum for Tomorrow. We believe this has the potential to support more teachers and principals in our school district membership network to identify promising approaches to decolonizing their professional learning.

In consultation with the magazine article author, Dr. Dwayne Donald, Education Canada Editor, Holly Bennett, is drafting a Discussion Guide based on his recently published article “A Curriculum for Educating Differently” to help school staff learning groups consider and discuss how they can apply his research and ideas for unlearning colonialist ideologies of schooling practice in their own school or classroom.

We’re recruiting 6-8 educators (including teachers, principals, and preservice teachers) to participate in a recorded virtual discussion with Dr. Donald, moderated by voicEd Radio’s Stephen Hurley. We’re seeking a mix of educators who are knowledgeable about unlearning colonialism in K-12 education and those who are curious and eager to learn about this topic.

This is a total two-hour time commitment, which would include reading the magazine article, listening to the accompanying podcast episode, and participating in the 30-minute recorded moderated discussion scheduled for Tuesday, December 6 from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST.

Please contact Holly Bennett at by Friday, November 11 if you’re interested in participating in this knowledge mobilization venture.