Back to Normal?

Volume 61 | Issue 2


Well at Work 2.0

EdCan Network, Promising Practices, Well-being

Introducing Well at Work 2.0



Women with a headache touching her forehead

School Community, Well-being

The Mental-Health Risks of Pandemic Teaching


Teacher in classroom helping student read

Curriculum, Promising Practices, Research

Overcoming Reading Deficits

Student on online class learning about the solar system

Assessment, EdTech & Design, Teaching

The Challenge of Online Assessment

As we look ahead to students’ probable return to bricks and mortar schooling in the fall, we have a chance to think about what school should be and how we can better meet all students’ needs – a welcome change from the past year’s reactive scramble to cope with pandemic conditions! Can we – and should we – simply go back to how it was? Or can we use what we learned during the pandemic to re-imagine and re-tool school?

The pandemic revealed longstanding inequities in the system and forced educators at every level to do things differently. We saw that we can change, and quickly, when we need to. We also saw how resistant to change many aspects of schooling are, how strong the pull of the status quo. How will we meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing world?

In this issue, we invite readers to:

  •   reflect on the lessons and ongoing challenges of the pandemic
  •   showcase examples of creativity, innovation and adaptation (COVID hacks) that are worth keeping and building on, and
  •   envision a path forward to an education system that will equip students – all students – to thrive and to meet the challenges of the future

In short, where have we landed? Where should we be headed? What is our “prime directive”? And what do we need to do to move forward?

Cover Illustration: Diana Pham

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