Truth and Reconciliation in the Schools

How can we move forward?

Volume 58 | Issue 2

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A youth talking circle on truth and reconciliation in our schools

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Equity, Indigenous Learning

Carrying the Fire

A project of Heart, photo

Equity, Indigenous Learning, Teaching

Our Journey Into Reconciliation


Teachers and school leaders play a key role in reconciliation, but policy makers must resource schools for equity of opportunity and success

Equity, Indigenous Learning, Teaching

“First, We’re a School”

From provincial ministries to individual teachers, we all need to be thinking about how we can “Indigenize” education: incorporate respectful, accurate information and experience about Indigenous history, world view, ways of teaching and learning, and contemporary issues into all levels of schooling.

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Cover illustration by Julie Flett, a Cree-Métis illustrator. From the Governor General’s Award-winning book When We Were Alone (HighWater Press).