Vani Jain

Executive Director, The Daymark Foundation

Location: Toronto, ON

Vani is a dedicated and experienced leader with a passion for systems change. Throughout her roles in medical education, mental health, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropy, the key thread in Vani’s career is a true passion for meaningful, long-lasting social impact. She loves to explore and understand vital social issues with the goal of uncovering new solutions and leverage points for change. A matchmaker at heart, Vani enjoys bringing diverse stakeholders together to achieve common goals.

Vani is currently the founding Executive Director of the Daymark Foundation, a new foundation established by the Michael McCain family to have a transformative impact on mental health. Prior to this, Vani was a Program Director at the McConnell Foundation, where she led the Foundation’s wellbeing and K-12 education portfolios. She has previously held roles in communications, public policy, government relations, and program development.

Vani’s greatest growth and learning come from raising her two young boys.

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