Location: Woodbridge, VA
Website: https://www.teacherfit.com/

TeacherFit is an on-demand health, wellness, and fitness program designed specifically for educators. TeacherFit exists to partner with school districts, schools, and individual educators to provide PROACTIVE wellness and fitness solutions to give educators the ability to take care of themselves during the school year.

TeacherFit’s mission is to impact the health and wellness of educators in order to allow them to be their best for their students and in turn impact them to their greatest ability.


Nick Mann is the founder of TeacherFit & StudentFit online wellness programs, a Veteran of The United States Marine Corps, and a certified fitness & nutrition coach. His mission is to provide educational leaders with the tools necessary to impact their teachers and students through wellness. Through the work of his programs, he offers daily mindfulness, fitness, and yoga classes to educators around the world.