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Michael Fullan

Advisor to the Premier and Minister of Education in Ontario

Location: Toronto, ON
Website: http://www.michaelfullan.ca

Michael Fullan, Order of Canada, is the former Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto and currently serves as an Advisor to the Premier and Minister of Education in Ontario. Recognized as a worldwide authority on educational reform, he advises policymakers and local leaders around the world. His latest books are: The Principal: Three keys for maximizing impact, Coherence: Putting the right drivers in action (with Joanne Quinn), Indelible leadership: Always leave them learning, Unstoppable Momentum (with Mark Edwards), Deep learning: Engage the world change the world (with Joanne Quinn, and Joanne McEachen), and Surreal change: The real life of transforming public education.

Décoré de l’Ordre du Canada, Michael Fullan est professeur émérite de l’Institut de recherches pédagogiques de l’Ontario. Depuis 2003, il a agi comme conseiller spécial de deux premiers ministres et de ministres de l’Éducation ontariens. Il conseille des gouvernements du monde entier sur les changements à l’échelle des systèmes (pour connaître ses livres les plus récents, visitez www.michaelfullan.ca).