Eric Rosenberg

Teacher, facilitator, and curriculum designer


Eric Rosenberg is a teacher, facilitator, and curriculum designer.  With training in finance, fine art, and education – Eric’s work brings learning from each of these disciplines to his life coaching and educational innovation practice at the Eric Rosenberg Development Studio.  For clients, he marries the practices of financial investment with the principles of positive psychology, to help his clients develop a foundation from which they can design a life of their own choosing, a Life Well Spent.  His work in the classroom challenges young people to similarly build this same foundation, but through an investment portfolio – helping these youth to better understand their non-financial assets and resources that can support lifestyles of their own design.  Although he is available to work with anyone, he has a particular interest in helping teenage boys succeed as he draws upon his own experiences within the education system.  Eric works both with private clients as well as in classrooms and schools across the GTHA and speaks at conferences and events across the country.


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