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Family Ties: Connecting Food and Learning at Home

Join the UBC Faculty of Education and Faculty of Land and Food Systems in a delicious discussion on the kitchen as the classroom.

Since COVID-19 began, people’s relationship with food has been upended. Before, people may have had some meals provided at work, school, or at social functions, but in isolation many have taken it upon themselves to become self-sufficient in their daily meal prep. How many of us have seen videos on social media of a friend’s first attempt at baking bread or a triumphant picture of a successful attempt at a gourmet dinner? There has been a massive increase in the public’s interest in food, & the kitchen has once again become the hearth around which people gather to share, to learn, & to connect.

Register now at: https://www.alumni.ubc.ca/event/family-ties-connecting-food-and-learning-at-home/