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51st CEO’s Network Forum

CEA is re-introducing its CEOs’ Forum, which has brought together Superintendents and Directors of Education from across Canada to share insights on topics of particular interest to them since 1961.

On behalf of CEA and event co-host Greg Chatlain, Director of Education, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, we invite you to participate in this year’s CEOs’ Forum, which will be taking place at the Elk Ridge Resort – Saskatchewan’s premier resort north of the prairie flatlands and deep in the heart of the boreal forest – from September 30th—October 2nd, 2015.

We are pleased to announce an engaging roster of discussion topics that will provide participants with a first-hand pan-Canadian vantage point of the challenges and opportunities that chief education officers and their peers are facing in their school districts.

Round table discussions:

  • Cross Country Check-up – sharing common challenges and initiatives that show promise.
  • What keeps CEOs up at night? Input from the participants dealing with operational areas of business.
  • Enabling policies: How do provincial and district policies encourage or discourage experimentation?
  • Crisis leadership in education.


  • CEA’s What’s standing in the way of change in education? research report and its impact on school boards.
  • Case study: How is Indigenous education impacting your school system?

A formal program will be provided closer to the event. We are really looking forward to this year’s CEOs’ Forum and the rich dialogue that characterizes this event.

For more details or for space availability, please contact Gilles Latour (416) 591-6300 ext. 237 or Mia San José at (416) 591-6300 ext. 223 or 1-866-803-9549 by email at membership@cea-ace.ca before August 31st.