Volunteer Leadership Opportunity

National EdCan Network Board of Directors and Advisory Council

EdCan Network Council members

This is your leadership opportunity to ensure that ALL students thrive in our schools. 

The EdCan Network, legally known as the Canadian Education Association, was established in 1891 and has maintained its 128-year tradition as the only national, nonpartisan, bilingual research platform that connects K-12 education systems across the country.

Our role as an indispensable intermediary in the education sector extends to how we translate groundbreaking research into popular articles for our acclaimed Education Canada Magazine, Facts on Education fact sheets, infographics and professional learning discussion guides – evidence-based content that is trusted by educators, parents and policymakers alike in a world where fact-based information is increasingly difficult to decipher.

Our membership of over 70,000 educators includes 70 school districts, over 1,000 experts, our Board of Directors, Advisory Council of influencers, 21 faculties of education and a wider network of practitioners and policymakers – a direct pipeline to educators across Canada to showcase our programs and services.

The EdCan Network Nominations Committee has prioritized the need to recruit both Directors and Advisory Council Members who can contribute their valuable organizational development expertise in a variety of disciplines and open doors to their professional networks to identify new revenue diversification opportunities as we expedite our organizational shift towards a culture of fundraising.

As contributors to the financial stability and growth of the EdCan Network, Director and Advisory Council candidates must:

1. Be committed to the EdCan Network’s mission and values while actively identifying and brokering funding diversification opportunities to support our work.

2. For Directors: Be willing and available to attend up to six teleconference meetings per year.
    For Advisory Council Members: Be willing and available to participate in one full-day face-to-face annual Advisory Council Meeting.

3. Have expertise in one or more of the following areas to advance the organization’s mandate:

– Fundraising (e.g.: foundations, conditional grants, fundraising events, philanthropic donations)
– Organizational membership recruitment, retention, marketing and value propositions
– Corporate partnerships and sponsorships
– Government relations

This opportunity represents an excellent way for you to network with Canada’s education leaders and contribute your skills and expertise to support the long term vitality of a respected Canadian not-for-profit education organization.

Please forward your interest to be considered for these leadership positions by March 18th by email to:  Mia San José  (msanjose@edcan.ca).