Suicide Prevention Press Release


3 little-known myths about youth suicide prevention

Three new fact sheets by the national EdCan Network of educators and assert that school-based suicide prevention products and programs – many of which have become a significant source of revenue for many companies and organizations – are often ineffective and can cause more harm than good.

Authored by mental health literacy experts Dr. Stan Kutcher, Dr. Yifeng Wei, and Andrew Baxter, these timely resources further reveal that there is no epidemic of youth suicide in Canada and that available studies often do not actually measure suicide prevention.

As the authors contend, “As schools may be caught between the wish to do something helpful and the sophisticated marketing of products and programs that take advantage of this intent, it is necessary that school staff think critically before they apply any suicide prevention strategy.”

“Youth suicide is an emotional and challenging topic that impacts entire school communities,” says Max Cooke, EdCan Network Interim CEO. “These facts sheets will provide some much-needed clarity to school leaders who are looking for proven ways to decrease student death by suicide.”

Free copies of these fact sheets can be downloaded at

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