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EdCan Network Leads Ambitious Campaign to Prioritize Workplace Wellbeing in K-12 Education

Campaign aims to shift mindsets by showcasing research, policy and practice that results in healthier, happier and more resilient Kindergarten-to-Grade 12 staff.

In many schools districts across the country, staff are benefitting from support structures put in place to reduce their stress and exhaustion caused by the daily systemic pressures, expectations and factors beyond their control. With support from the McConnell Foundation’s WellAhead initiative, the national EdCan Network of educators will demonstrate how investing in the social and emotional well-being of K-12 staff can lead to stronger public education systems for staff and students alike.

“We look forward to building a wider appreciation for the evidence-based approaches that can influence the development of exemplary workplaces in our education systems, offering the necessary mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being support,“ says EdCan Network Chair Darren Googoo.

This initiative will surface innovations in healthy work environments, and emerging research will be transformed into practical tools to support education leaders in making workplace well-being a top priority.

“Creating a culture of well-being in schools requires improving the workplaces that teachers, principals and students experience every day,” said Stephen Huddart, President and CEO of the McConnell Foundation. “We’re pleased to work with EdCan and, through its extensive network, help incorporate well-being as an ongoing priority in K-12 education.”

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About the McConnell Foundation WellAhead Initiative

WellAhead is a philanthropic initiative of the McConnell Foundation that aims to improve child and youth mental health by integrating social and emotional well-being into K-12 education. WellAhead is focused on long-term change – shifting culture, structures, priorities, and practices of schools and the education system at-large to better incorporate social and emotional well-being. The McConnell Foundation is a private Canadian foundation that supports innovative approaches to social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges.

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