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WEBINAR: A Need for Proactive Educator Wellness

This webinar is primarily for school district leaders, school principals and vice-principals.

It is now more apparent than ever before that taking care of the health of our K-12 educators can no longer be a reactive response. Leaders must begin to be proactive, putting accessible initiatives in place that prioritize the health of their teams. If we hope to impact our student’s success, we must be our best self – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Leadership at all levels must set an example for all to follow.

This webinar originally broadcasted on September 21, 2020 was all about bringing a proactive approach to the culture of educator wellness.

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TeacherFit is an on-demand health, wellness, and fitness program designed specifically for educators. TeacherFit exists to partner with school districts, schools, and individual educators to provide PROACTIVE wellness and fitness solutions to give educators the ability to take care of themselves during the school year.

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