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WEBINAR: Strengthening Resilience, Leadership, and Well-Being During and After COVID-19

This webinar first broadcasted on May 12th discussed individual and organizational resilience in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this hour-long webinar, Dr. Graham Lowe explained:

  • The features of a healthy organization, especially its culture and inclusive approach to leadership, that can support your workforce now and prepare it for the recovery

  • How resilience is one of the defining characteristics of a healthy organization

  • How resilience is a psychological health and safety skill that can be cultivated within school and school district teams.

  • How resilience is part of a broader set of capabilities called Psychological Capital (PsyCap)

  • The ways that Psychological Capital (PsyCap) supports a transformational leadership style and contributes to K-12 workplace well-being.

Watch the full webinar below:

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Dr. Graham Lowe

President, The Graham Lowe Group Inc.

Graham Lowe, PhD, is a workplace consultant, author and speaker (www.grahamlowe.ca). This article draws on the revise...

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