Standardized testing and inclusive education

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Standardized testing and inclusive education

Curriculum changes threading debate across the country

Independent review recommends scrapping standardized tests in Ontario

A new government-commissioned report says that the province’s EQAO standardized testing be phased out for Grades 3 and 9. If adopted, the Grade 6 test would also see vast revisions, while the Grade 10 literacy test would no longer be a graduation requirement. Education minister Indira Naidoo-Harris subsequently announced plans for further consultation, which has been questioned in view of consultations having already taken place.  

“The kids are all freaking out about that already”: Alberta expands no-calculator math exam

Education Minister David Eggen will be adding a new mental math section to its Grade 9 achievement test, accounting or 20% of the exam. A similar addition had been made last year to the Grade 6 test, with one-third having failed this section. Alberta Teachers’ Association president Greg Jeffrey applauded the inclusion of mental math but criticized the high-stake nature of the exam.  

“Parents Have Rights” or “Love Is right”? Supporters and opponents protest at B.C. teachers’ federation offices

Protest ensued last week following B.C.’s decision to implement LGBT-inclusive education, which would include lessons on sexual identity and gender as not being binary, teaching students about the harmfulness of using “gay” as a slur, and having Grades 2 and 3 students analyze gender roles in fairy tales.


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