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Sexuality and Gender Identity Education: What does the evidence say?

Our Archived Reading List on Sexual and Gender Identity Education

With a commitment to propelling evidence-informed conversations that help bring out the elephants in the room, and in view of mounting debate on the how health curricula can best prepare students now and into adulthood, we are confident that these resources will help inform your discussions on human development, health, sex-ed and gender identity in the 21st century.

Generation Queer: Sexual Minority Youth and Canadian Schools
By Kristopher Wells
Published August 5, 2010

The Gift of Positive Space Groups: A Transformation for LGBTQ Students
By Deirdre Pike
Published May 29, 2012

Boys Do Cry: Why conversations about gender are crucial in schools
By Adam William John Davies
Published March 2, 2018

Men, Masculinities, and Sexualities in Education and Society: A Call for Evolution!
By Douglas Gosse
Published January 5, 2012

Queer and Trans at School: Where do I fit in?
By Adam William John Davies & j wallace skelton
Published May 29, 2017

Opinion: Putting Porn on the Curriculum
By Marilyn Evans
Published May 29, 2017

What About the Girls?
By Rebecca Priegert Coulter
Published June 18, 2012

Opinion: Politically Correct Preschools and their Discontents: One Teacher’s Story
By Leah Wells
Published January 5, 2012

Infusing Some Queer into Teacher Education
By Tom Hilton & Miles Turnbull
Published November 24, 2010

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