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Mindfulness Everyday Partnership Program

Cultivating Cultures of Well-Being in Schools with SmartEducation

EdCan and Mindfulness Everyday are excited to offer the smartEducation™ program, which is designed to provide administrators, K-12 teachers, EA’s, CYW’s and support staff with essential self-care tools to support their health and wellbeing.

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What is smartEducation?

The “How” of  Cultivating a Culture of Well-Being at your school with SmartEducation

Stress Management and Resiliency Techniques (SMART) is an evidence-based mindfulness program that targets the needs of K-12 educators and professional support staff, with a strong emphasis on the cultivation of stress-management, self-compassion, emotional literacy, and self-regulation skills.

From this course, we as a school team began to envision a different school culture, one based on kindness, openness, a team approach to supporting challenging students and embedding mindfulness as a daily practice.”

Adapted for live online delivery, the program is trauma-sensitive, SEL (social and emotional learning) informed, engaging, interactive and highly participatory. SMART helps educators to apply simple, mindfulness techniques that can be used within both professional and personal contexts.

Participating in this course will help educators to: 

  • Manage stress through a greater understanding and control of emotions
  • Employ self-care techniques to cultivate personal and professional resilience.
  • Create effective strategies for relating to challenging situations.
  • Enhance concentration and executive function (planning, decision-making, and impulse control).
  • Revitalize purpose, personally and professionally
  • Improve overall mental and physical health
  • Promote happiness through healthy habits of the mind

What’s included?

SMART is a 20 hour program, comprised of: 
  • 8 x 2-hour sessions
  • 1 x 4-hour silent, guided retreat
Participants will be given:
  • SMART Participant Manual (Electronic format) 
  • Guided mindfulness practice audios 
  • Home practice activities 
  • smartEducation Certificate upon successful completion of the course

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Schedule a discovery call to learn more about the smartEducation program. We’ll provide you with a quote for your school district.


Payment can be made online or through a purchase order. Confirmation of payment will be sent with an attached invoice.


Guidance/ support will be provided by Mindfulness Everyday to help the school representative  facilitate staff registration.

4. GO!

Decide on your school or district’s start date for the program. Send out communication to your staff about the program and how and when to enrol by.

The SMART program came into my life just when I needed it. As a new teacher at the time, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsupported. This was compounded by the fact that I worked in a challenging work environment, where I was barely staying afloat. The SMART program gave me practical tools and a community that truly saved me. I would have left the teaching profession had I not found this outlet to equip me with self care strategies.”


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