LG ProBeam projectors enhance education experience through immersive technology

Projectors deliver innovation for an array of education environments

Given the ongoing digitization of the world around us, educational institutions and professionals across the country are actively exploring ways through which they can enhance the classroom experience and increase engagement with students, particularly as we enter into a post-pandemic environment. One way that educators can look to achieve this goal is through using projector technology.

An immersive learning environment

LG ProBeam projectors are tailored to deliver innovative solutions for a variety of environments, including education, corporate, retail, hospitality and sports. As a primary conduit of information transfer within the environments that they’re used in, LG ProBeam projectors elevate the experience for the end user.

Peak Performance Golf & Athletics, as an example, was in search of a way it could provide its guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. The indoor golf facility, which caters to amateur golfers, wanted to enable a golf simulation in which visitors could imagine themselves standing on a green at their favourite golf course. LG ProBeam projectors provided the large screen solution Peak Performance Golf & Athletics was looking for, with sizes reaching up to 300 inches and incredible picture clarity. The experience of the indoor golf facility offers a glimpse into the possibilities related to the projectors’ use within educational settings and their potential to elevate the classroom experience.

Efficient, durable and dependable

LG’s latest ProBeam projector technology features a powerful laser light source that’s able to display brighter images at 5,000 ANSI lumens, lasting up to 20,000 hours. This provides those working within education environments and institutions with a significant visual resource that can handle extended and uninterrupted use without the costs that are traditionally associated. For example, if the LG ProBeam projector is used for 16 hours a day, the laser light source will last for a minimum of three-and-a-half years, eliminating the high cost of regular lamp replacement.

In addition, LG ProBeam projectors are durable, resilient and dependable throughout use, and they can be easily installed into almost any environment. Offering Lens Shift (H +20%, V +50%) and Zoom x1.6 functionality, education professionals are able to install the screen to the exact size and location required in order to provide students and others with engaging visual experiences.

Innovation for education

Considering the range of uses for education professionals, LG ProBeam projectors provide innovative solutions to help overcome many of the challenges that are faced in engaging students today. These projectors can help educators enhance engagement through experience-based learning and interactive lessons. Equipped with LG’s webOS platform, LG ProBeam projectors enable users to access premium LG features when connected to the internet using Wi-Fi. In addition, users can also conveniently share their screens using Bluetooth pairing and Miracast® technology, mirroring content from a range of electronic devices, including smartphones, making LG ProBeam projectors a seamless addition to the education environment.

Given the versatility of LG ProBeam projectors and their range of features and functions, they pose the potential to help educational institutions enhance the learning experiences they offer their students today, and propel the learning environment through technology innovation into the future.

For more information on LG ProBeam projectors and how they can help enhance the education experience, visit https://www.lg.com/ca_en/business/projectors