Letter from the Executive Director

Throughout the EdCan Network’s 133-year history, the organization has evolved to respond to emerging priorities in Canadian K-12 education. This past year has been no exception. Rapid changes in our society are creating new pressures on the education system and challenging the wellbeing of students and staff alike.

In my new role as the Executive Director of the EdCan Network, my goal is to build our collective capacity to create a flourishing K-12 education sector. We know that when staff are well it enhances teaching quality, student wellbeing, and student learning outcomes. That’s why our strategic plan emphasizes workplace wellbeing as a key element of a K-12 ecosystem that supports wellbeing.

Our recent pan-Canadian K-12 workplace wellbeing consultations (interviews, survey) highlighted the complexity of the current situation. Responses emphasized the need for systemic and structural changes to address the factors affecting employee wellbeing such as workload intensification, student behavioural issues, and staffing shortages.

Building healthier K-12 workplaces is a complex challenge that requires collaborative action, an understanding of diverse perspectives, and adaptive approaches that respond to emerging evidence. At the EdCan Network, our focus will be on strengthening partnerships at all levels, amplifying stories of success, and building the capacity of system leaders through research-informed resources, learning opportunities, and Well at Work Advisors’ services. The experience we gain codesigning solutions to enhance wellbeing in Canadian K-12 education will strengthen our sector’s ability to respond to emerging issues.

Kathleen Lane
EdCan Executive Director