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Infographic: The Positive Workplace Framework (PWF)

This infographic is based on the Positive Workplace Framework (PWF), which is a made-in-Canada strengths-based approach to optimizing staff and student well-being, engagement and performance, with a focus on the three key conditions to creating a healthy workplace in K-12 education: Mental Fitness, Resilience, and Positive Leadership. The PWF can also be applied to other settings beyond the K-12 context (e.g. colleges, universities, day cares, etc.).

This infographic was inspired by an article by Robert Laurie, Dr. Bill Morrison, and
Dr. Patricia Peterson that appeared in Education Canada Magazine.




Meet the Expert(s)

EdCan Network

The EdCan Network is the independent national organization with over 140,000 members working tirelessly to ensure that all students discover their place, purpose and path.

Le Ré...

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Robert Laurie, Ph. D.

Directeur et Chercheur, WMA Wellness et Université du Nouveau-Brunswick

Robert Laurie, PhD, is Adjunct Professor at the University of New Brunswick and President of REL Consultants Inc. He has extensive teaching experience in public schools and university settings as well...

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Bill Morison

Dr. Bill Morrison

As an academic and clinical psychologist, Dr. Bill Morrison has been actively involved in projects focusing on positive psychology research, program evaluation, and the implementation of community-bas...

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Patricia Peterson

Dr. Patricia Peterson

Dr. Peterson holds a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from Boston University. As Co-Executive Director of the university’s Health and Education Research Group, she leads several initiatives...

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