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How Will We Teach in A (Post)-pandemic Canada?

By now, most of us have become acutely aware of the way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted schools, students, education workers, and families and communities right across the country. We’ve heard of the gaps, the fractures, and the fault lines that have been revealed in our systems of education. And while a few of these can be attributed to the crisis, most have existed for years if not, decades. But it’s time for our observations to give way to action. Those familiar statements about what we see must now be turned into questions about what we intend to do.

This is Education Canada, powered by voiced Radio, a unique approach to knowledge mobilization that connects insights from Canada’s research, practice, and policy communities. This cross-platform professional learning experience gathers researchers and practitioners from right across Canada to help us explore some of those big-picture questions facing all of us about the future of education post-pandemic. The first essential question we will focus on is:

How will we teach in a (post)-pandemic Canada?

To deepen your knowledge, read these in-depth articles and join the conversation featuring the researchers in this very podcast episode.


Why NOT to Quit After First Attempts in Online and Hybrid Learning By Valerie Irvine, Assistant Professor, Education Technology, University of Victoria

A Focus on Human Flourishing By Kristina R. Llewellyn, Professor, Department of Social Development Studies, University of Waterloo

“How Can This Be More Accessible?” By Ian Matheson, Assistant Professor of Special Education, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, with Co-author Jeffrey MacCormack, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Inclusion, Faculty of Education, the University of Lethbridge

Reconciliation: A Chance to Heal as a Nation By Kevin Lamoureux, Instructor, Faculty of Education, University of Winnipeg


Watch the 5-minute highlights video of the 90-minute live conversation that took place on Monday, December 6th, 2021. This first live conversation provided an opportunity for the researchers and audience to weigh in on this important question from their own unique perspectives.


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